Volunteer Listing

The Volunteer program assists with our day-to-day operations at Writers' Haven. Some answer general questions, while others teach, and in turn - helps the community navigate to being better writers'. We have Scribes, Teachers, Welcomers, Helpers, and Eventers. Applications are always opened while some require to be handpicked.

Responsible for welcoming new writers, verifying Discord nicknames, assisting with any questions, and navigation on the server.

Answers all questions on the server, directs them to appropriate volunteer, assists with helping writers' at the workshop, and keeping the server active.

Working closely with Scribes, they are responsible for hosting events, creating events, event reminders, and event prizes. Events will be posted on the Discord and website.

Typically behind the scene, they are responsible for maintaining our website, mobile app, and posting Discord announcements for staff.


* Active for 6 months or more.

* Only one account can volunteer.

* Two Volunteer roles are allowed.

* Refresher classes must be attended to keep volunteer status.

 Must be active and handpicked. Responsibilities include choosing a topic to teach, writing the class scripts, and answering questions. 1-2 classes must be taught a week. Will be required to teach volunteer refresher classes.