Overcome the Writer’s Block Dilemma

Overcome the Writer’s Block Dilemma

How many times has it happened that you have had an idea for a new book or article and you get to your keyboard, just typing away everything that’s in your head; when suddenly there is nothing more to type. You wait patiently for something else to work but nothing happens. It’s like the river bed just stopped in the middle of a desert and your inspiration ended right there!

This is what most people would call “writer’s block”.

It is frustrating and often discouraging for writers, which cause most articles and manuscripts to left abandoned for indefinitely.

You come across writers who have left stories partially written but have not forgotten them. Most of them are really enthusiastic about completing them and getting it out but do not know how to push away their writer’s block without falsely forging inspiration.

As we see it, there are 3 significant reasons why a writer may experience this dilemma, which is known as a “mental block”. By understanding the underlying causes of this dilemma, writer’s can rekindle their inspirational flame and continue their work, and ultimately finish their goal.


Have you ever driven your car through a neighborhood with many roads and passed a street that had a sign indicating that it was a dead-end? Dead end warnings are to prevent you from going down a road that does not go through. You will find yourself trapped by houses or a large field, with no access to continuing on to your destiny. Dead-end streets occur along the roads of writing. Once you turn down that dead-end, inspiration stops dead, just like the warning signs signify.

In my experience, it has most often held true, that when I hit writer’s block, it is because I have gone down a road that has a dead-end. Some dead-end streets are deceiving, stretching for some distance and winding around in hairpin turns until they finally stop at a fence or a field. Likewise, some paths writer’s take their story down, appear to be a through the street, yet the road deceivingly drops you at the end of its passage. Once I hit writer’s block, I analyze my story and determine if I have, indeed, gone down a dead-end street. To remedy my dilemma, I back out of the story and retrace my steps to the point that led me down that path. I have to trust that even though that dead-end idea was a really great road to go down, that there is an even better road to travel. One-hundred percent of the time, I have rejoiced in the better road, and my novels became deeper and far more moving than they ever would have if I had forced the dead-end idea to work.


Another component that may discourage inspiration from flowing is the presence of distractions. Although it usually isn’t our intention to immerse ourselves in the midst of things that interfere with our ability to write, distractions are often hard to escape. The dog barks, the neighbor’s dog barks, the kids whine, the phone rings, someone texts you… the list goes on. There may not be an ideal solution for avoiding all distractions because it is part of living, and those very things that distract you may often be the basis for your writing inspirations. Nevertheless, you should take charge of your time and allow yourself moments when you can feel pure and uninterrupted inspiration. Analyze your schedule and set aside a time to write when things are the calmest in your home. Turn off your phone, and let your friends and family know that you are working during that time. Another option is to leave the house and go to a quiet place to write. Perhaps a park or a library. Or maybe you just need some time to ponder, time to meditate, time to escape the clamor of the world and allow your mind and heart to drift freely in the spectacular places you create in your imagination. Take a drive to the mountains or a walk along a trail and surround yourself with nature. Trees, plants, rocks, mountains, the ocean side, and rivers are filled with inspiration that will help you get past your writer’s block.


Life is busy and we may find ourselves so overwhelmed with our responsibilities that there simply isn’t time to write. Certainly, the stresses linked to our obligations thwart inspiration, and even if we squeeze in an hour or two a week to write, we wouldn’t be able to let down and allow ourselves to be as creative as we have potential to be. Believe it or no, this predicament can be remedied. Review your schedule and contemplate the way you spend your time. Perhaps you can give up a movie, or surfing the internet. Maybe an hour of sleep can be sacrificed. The key is to be consistent. Choose the same time every day, or as many days in the week as possible, to reserve for your opportunity to write. Be patient with yourself and don’t expect too much at first. Eventually, your mind will tune in, and the creative juices will naturally begin to flow at the same time every day, because you are consistent.

Make the time to allow yourself to share your talents and your message with others. And when you feel writer’s block coming on, step back and take a moment to see if you need an inspirational break or simply take a different route with your story. Above all, pursue your passions to write. Don’t let the obstacles in life discourage you. Follow your heart, and share the stories you dream up, believing that you have something good to share with the world.

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